The porticoed building that closes the Courtyard by the East side gathers the pavilions of State Mayor.Cada one of the houses is developed on two superimposed levels, ground floor and floor, in such a way that its total area is really significant, as the rest of the fortress are vaulted and resistant pump primes.These dimensions are justified both by the hierarchical level of the occupant of the dwelling, and because of the absence in the fortress of intended places, to specifically to what we might call administrative offices. So much so, that each command dispatched themselves their employment matters at home and so should have spaces suitable for this purpose.
The five Central porches and upper floor correspond to the residence of the Governor, the main housing of the fortress. On both sides of the same ls, have the which were housing of the sergeant or Manager of the Plaza and the Lieutenant King or junior Governor. The building, at their ends, accommodation for two colonels is completed.